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Welcome to Context

We are a passionate team of urban designers, landscape architects, architects, interior designers, digital experts, and sustainability advocates. We deliver design thinking to clients in industries from housing and retail to residential development, education, and aged care.

We have four studios located throughout the North and South Islands. Two in Auckland, in Newmarket and Kingsland, one in Tauranga and another in Christchurch.

With a staff of 100 people, we work collaboratively, which means our clients get a vast array of expertise, experience, and integrated design solutions.

With a diverse range of services, we are dedicated to shaping environments that not only enhance the aesthetics but also elevate the functionality and sustainability of spaces.


Keen to help in a crisis, we set up our Christchurch office in 2011 to help rebuild the city following the catastrophic earthquakes.

We set up a studio in Tauranga in response to the region’s population growth, construction boom, and the increasing demand for high-quality, sustainable, and innovative design solutions.


Situated in the central Auckland suburb of Kingsland, this is our most established studio and is home to the largest number of Context staff.


Operating from the client’s Newmarket office, we work with Kāinga Ora and a range of companies involved in different disciplines where all work tasks are visible.

Got an idea for your next design project and need some help? Speak to one of our team of experts who’ll be happy to offer advice and support.