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Our Kingsland studio

Situated in the central Auckland suburb of Kingsland, this is our most established studio and is home to the largest number of Context staff.

An open plan, contemporary studio, the space includes collaborative areas, quiet pods and plenty of desks and screens to accommodate a multitude of teams, from admin, finance, marketing, and IT staff, through to all the disciplines the company offers such as architecture, interior design, urban design and masterplanning, landscape architecture, digital and sustainability services.

Events, webinars, large gatherings, and roadshows take place across the expansive studio space, with regular open days for students and those exploring pathways into the integrated design sector.

Kingsland is where our digital services team are based, offering drone photogrammetry, 3D site capture, VR equipment and 3D printing technology.  

Got an idea for your next design project and need some help? Speak to one of our team of experts who’ll be happy to offer advice and support.