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HDS – Newmarket

We began working with Kāinga Ora in 2015 to create a robust set-up for future builds. We originally created a suite of house types and MultiProof approvals to help build more houses, better and faster in any site or situation. Over the years we have collaborated with the government’s state housing provider on several housing projects and initiatives, culminating in the Housing Delivery System (HDS).

Kāinga Ora asked us – along with other specialists in the sector – to design and create a highly controlled, predictable, and intentional end-to-end Housing Delivery System. The HDS has been developed by integrating various principles including Lean, Kaizen and Agile to increase speed, reduce cost, and improve the reliability of housing delivery.

Operating from the client’s Newmarket office, we work with Kāinga Ora and a range of companies involved in different disciplines where all work tasks are visible. The integrated team includes surveyors, civil engineers, structural engineers, planners, geotechnical engineers, land contamination engineers, builders, and all the specialists involved in planning and designing a home.

Our team of architects, landscape architects, technicians and digital services work with cross-functional teams coordinating and tracking the thousands of tasks involved in planning and building a home. This multidisciplinary approach saves time by troubleshooting on the spot rather than waiting for email replies.

The HDS takes a whole-of-system approach to innovating housing delivery. This means it extends across the design and consent process to the construction and final delivery of a public home. To date, it has been transformational, demonstrating a huge reduction in time taken compared to traditional methods.

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