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3D capture services

While buildings come in all shapes and sizes, there are some that do not simply fall into the usual categories such as residential, commercial, or industrial. We have experience capturing the exterior and interior of bespoke buildings, such as civic structures, theatres, council buildings and film studios. Often larger than commercial buildings, these types of structures can be highly detailed with spaces that are not easily accessible for traditional measuring and scanning methods.

We have three tools that we use for scanning bespoke buildings:

  • A Leica RTC360 terrestrial based laser scanner for detailed, rich, accurate capture, combining LiDAR point cloud and 360-degree photos images.

  • A Leica BLK2GO mobile handheld scanner for rapid capture reality on the move, anywhere you go.

  • A DJ Mavic 2 Pro drone for situations where larger sites is aerial capture is required.

Applications for bespoke building 3D site capture include:
  • Remedial and renovation work

  • Maintenance surveys

  • Heritage preservation

  • Fa├žade mapping

  • Marketing/sales collateral

  • Site plans

  • Facilities management