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Did someone say ‘leaky building’?

We specialise in large-scale residential remediation projects, from leaky apartment properties to dwellings affected by earthquake and natural weather disasters. Each project’s design solution is tailored to the specific issues of the building, its owner, stakeholders, and occupants. Context’s underlying approach is to find ways to add value to the buildings while resolving weathertightness issues. While addressing multiple complex issues in remediation projects, wherever possible, we take the opportunity to update and modernise buildings to future-proof assets, adding value through design.  

Our building remediation strategy hinges on eliminating poor, outdated designs and creating structures far superior to the ones they replace. Where possible, variation, contrast, and contemporary aesthetics are designed to break up the bulk of buildings and add freshness.

We work alongside body corporates and property owners focusing on the following:

Regulatory compliance

Ensuring projects comply with relevant building codes, standards, and regulations in New Zealand. We are adept at navigating complex regulatory requirements and obtaining necessary permits that can present challenges for stakeholders

Cost-benefit analysis

Assessing remediation’s cost-effectiveness and long-term benefits is essential for decision-making. We can help to balance upfront investment costs with potential savings in energy consumption, maintenance, and operational expenses, which require careful analysis.

Technological advancements

We use innovative technologies, including 3D site capture and digital modelling, to expedite projects and bring stakeholders on the remediation journey.


This is the key to any successful project, which is why we created the Context portal. This online platform gives our clients access to their project’s status any time, on any device. It provides the latest information on programmes, risks, issues, design documents, invoices, and statements in real-time. 

Our case studies

When it comes to apartment building remediation projects, our objective is to recoup the value of the owner’s investment, while providing residents and tenants with an improved quality of life. Here are some examples of our work.

Bay Palms Apartments

Luna Apartments

Anchorage Apartments

Aintree Place

Oxford Apartments

If you have an issue with your building, get in touch and we’ll talk to you about undertaking an initial assessment. We can then provide sound recommendations on whether remediation or retrofit is the long-term solution you need.