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10 May 2023

Design for aged care – white paper

As the ageing population in New Zealand continues to grow and the demand for retirement villages increases, now is the time for a step-change in the way we design homes and facilities to meet the challenges the sector will be facing over the next decade and beyond.

Trends in the design of retirement villages are changing. While there are no surprises that there is a focus on sustainable design, there is now an emphasis on energy-efficient buildings, the use of eco-friendly materials and the concept of regeneration. Flexibility is key, as designers need to create spaces that can adapt to the changing needs of residents, providing a continuum of care. We’re moving towards creating home-like environments that are warm and welcoming rather than the traditional hospital-style design of aged care facilities. There is also recognition that access to outdoor spaces and nature is important for the health and wellbeing of residents, and designers are incorporating this into their drawings.

At Context, we have adopted a person-centred approach to care, where the physical environment is designed to support the needs and preferences of individual residents. This helps to achieve a higher level of usability and performance. Understanding the specific needs and requirements of those with mobility, sensory, and cognitive impairments are imperative, along with putting accessibility, functionality, practicality, and safety at the top of the list when considering design options.

We believe our role is to enhance the well-being of residents, connecting and complementing with the local community and creating a meaningful experience for everyone involved. Well-being is critical and we recommend solutions that encourage movement and mental stimulation, while also including peaceful spaces.

We have put together a white paper that looks at some of the emerging trends in the aged care sector. While taking onboard the future, we also realise that key to the success of any community is the creation of a unique identity that is well-grounded in its environment. A home that will appeal to people looking for connection and a sense of belonging, spaces that are culturally appropriate and respectful of our clients’ residents.


Download Aged Care White Paper