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How much does 3D capture cost?

Not as much as you think. 3D site capture can be undertaken in hours, providing cost-efficiencies and accuracy, negating workplace disruption and saving time.

The days of traditional asset management are numbered, if you haven’t considered digital asset management, then we should talk.  Read more below.

Which package is right for you?

Boost your digital capture with our 3D virtual modelling service

  • Virtual tours and ease of understanding space
  • Easy measurement of site at any time without having to travel or arrange access
  • Add in custom assets to test spatial arrangements
  • Add annotations and information packages straight to the model which can be accessed by your whole team
  • Online hosted available allowing for stakeholder engagement from anywhere in the world

Prices start from only $500.

New World - 3D site capture walkable environment

Aerial/UAV capture by Context

Context holds a Civil Aviation Rule Part 102 Certificate allowing for authorised privileges from standard CAR Part 101 limitations. The UAS (unmanned aerial systems) operations manager for Context also holds an Advanced UAS remote pilot certificate with endorsement in Multi-rotor UAS as well as a certificate in UAS Aviation Law and active Operational Competency Assessment.

What are the benefits of drone or Aerial/UAV capture?

Using our digital drones, we can capture high-definition aerial footage, in any location. Using this technology is fast, cost-effective, safe and reliable. It is also great for inspections, gathering site data and information including asset condition assessment, surrounding environmental management and routine maintenance inspections. 

You’re in good company