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3 February 2022

A winning partnership you can bank on

Westpac entrance design

We are constantly working to refine Westpac’s presence in the market.

Context has been Westpac’s lead design consultant since 2006. Throughout the years, our relationship has grown stronger and our design collaborations grander, from conceptualising an initial branch, to leading a customer-focused transformation of the New Zealand property network.

Today, we have a close, trusting partnership that’s helped Westpac hone a methodology that delivers for their customers and communities throughout the country. Every piece of our partnership revolves around ensuring Westpac’s brand and values shine through in their branch designs and customer experience.

From overseeing the design, delivery, and roll-out of their national retail and property network, to transforming old-school branches into technology-enabled sustainable hubs, to working alongside the team on consents, procurement, and on-site project management. We are constantly working to refine Westpac’s presence in the market and demonstrate their ability to go above and beyond for their customers.

A new store open in time for Christmas

We were delighted to see the newly relocated branch at Westfield’s Manukau City mall open just before Christmas. The modular style design includes several additional features for staff safety. The design demonstrates Westpac’s commitment to excellent customer service and customer experiences. The floorplan facilitates smooth and easy staff-customer interaction and ensures Westpac’s clients can make the most of every visit, no matter the length.

With Westpac, the quest for improvement never stops and we look forward to sharing more exciting projects in 2022.