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Fast, accurate site captures

The days of traditional asset management are numbered, if you haven’t considered digital asset management, then we should talk. 

Using traditional methods such as range finders or tape measures can take up to five to six days to measure a site.

3D site capture can be undertaken in hours, providing cost-efficiencies and accuracy, negating workplace disruption and saving time.

Unlock the power of digital

3D capture provides more cost-efficient project turnarounds

Using 3D capture technology slashes traditional measure-up times by more than 75 per cent, translating to significant time and cost savings for you and your team.

Reduced site revisions and updates for you and your team

With conventional measure-up methods, there’s often some margin of error, which frequently leads to issues down the line — but laser capture technology shrinks that error margin to near zero. 

More accurate modelling of complex designs

Highly complex or large building assets can be scanned quickly and easily, with keen detail and hyper-accuracy up to 2mm over 10 metres.

Greater value of project outcomes and deliverables

Your 3D asset data can be recycled and repurposed for many valuable uses — including marketing, facilities management and maintenance, renovation planning, and health and safety planning.

You’re in good company


What technology is used?

We use a state-of-the-art Leica RTC360 laser scanner and a Leica BLK2GO mobile handheld scanner for rapid capture on the move, anywhere in the country. 

How long does it take?

It depends on the typology of the building, size and the number of floors, but using this technology reduces the time for site capture significantly.

What buildings can be captured?

Using a combination of tripod, handheld and drone capture, we can tackle the biggest and smallest properties you own, anywhere in the country.

What about landscape capture?

Yes you can. We have successfully used 3D capture on a number of landscape projects using the Leica RTC360 laser scanner and our unmanned aerial systems. 

What does it cost?

There are a number of options depending on the location, typology, land or floor size of the buildings. Request a demo below and one of the digital team will be in touch to discuss a quote.

How do i find out more?

We have teams across the North and South Island ready to complete your site capture. Contact us below and we will call you to discuss your requirements in detail.